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City of Carlisle

Deconstructing the border city and beyond...

City of Carlisle

I’m currently exploring the idea of distilling and deconstructing places using multiple 360° panoramas. Underscoring the details in layers of form and tone that intrigue and invite a viewer to spend some time [re]discovering what they already may be familiar with.

Image integrity is retained and the edge quality when printed (depending on the number of images being used – more goes softer) makes them look like pencil sketches.

The following cases below have emerged as strong, honest contenders to which I’ve applied the technique. My local towns (Carlisle above), rivers, wetlands and an overgrown junk yard are displayed here.

Brampton - Paul Stewart

Brampton – Paul Stewart

More towns to come but this is Brampton. My home town/village.

Farm Machinery Graveyard

Farm Machinery Graveyard – Paul Stewart

Cumbria is farming country and I’m fascinated by the amount of stored or discarded farm machinery. It will be useful to someone, somewhere, sometime.

This is a blend of three panoramas. A contemporary version of the Angkorian cities of Ta Prohm or Beng Mealea. A temple complex of farmers spent tractors, trailers and rusting axles slowly being engulfed by trees.


AVERAGE is a series of multiple blended panoramas exploring composition in 360° imaging from my This is Eden portfolio.


AVERAGE – One – Paul Stewart



AVERAGE – Two – Paul Stewart



AVERAGE – Three – Paul Stewart

Three are posted here (all nine image blends). The series goes from these to the entire portfolio of just over 70 panoramas resulting in this below.

AVERAGE (All) - Paul Stewart

AVERAGE (All) – Paul Stewart

These are complex and rather difficult to consume via the web. They lend themselves to being fairly large prints of at least a metre so you can explore them over many visits.

Other Folios Revisited

The Tatai River and Mangroves of Coastal Cambodia – Portfolio here

The Tatai River Revisited

The Tatai River Revisited – Paul Stewart

Ramsar Site 999 Revisited – Portfolio here

Ramsar Site 999 Revisited - Paul Stewart

Ramsar Site 999 Revisited – Paul Stewart

If you would be interested in exhibiting or getting your hands on these or other folios in print then please drop me a note via the contact form and introduce yourself.

Paul Stewart

4-6 St Albans Row, Carlisle, Cumbria CA3 8JF, UK
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