Paul Stewart

'A Mix of Fairytale & Nightmare'

- Ged Acton @EdenRiversTrust

This is Eden Gallery

Panoramas from the Eden Catchment, Cumbria. UK.



My current project, ‘This is Eden’ is a work in progress…  Follow Me on Twitter Here #wetlands #water #biodiversity

Creating an application, book and traveling exhibition to illustrate and promote the Eden river catchment.

Panoramic imaging. Print, web, tablet.

The catchment covers a wide region from it’s source in Mallerstang and the edges of the Yorkshire dales to the Solway in the north and west of England. The beautiful Eden Valley sits to the east of the more famous Lake District with some of the tributaries rising from within the boundaries of the national park.

Notable tributaries of the Eden are the Eamont, Lyvennet, Petteril, Caldew and Irthing rivers.

The story so far … Take the 360° tour of the Eden river catchment. ** Work in progress.

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