Paul Stewart

The Tatai River

The Mangroves & Estuaries of Coastal Cambodia

The Tatai River Gallery

Panoramas from the Mangroves & Estuary of the Tatai River, Cambodia.


From the sweet fresh waters of the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia to the salty mangroves and wetlands on the edges of the Gulf of Thailand the Tatai river and estuary offers an amazing array of textures. Steep sided emerald bamboo forests upstream to robust and seemingly immovable palm forests. Downstream to the impenetrable spongy mangroves floating on the sandbanks of the estuary, like matadors.

Here is a glimpse of the raw ecotones of coastal Cambodia.


Threats to the biodiversity and productivity of this estuary is from sand dredging on an industrial scale.

Sand Dredger at dawn on the Tatai River – Paul Stewart

Check out the Mangroves & Estuary of the Tatai river, Cambodia in 360° here…

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